Destressing the Holidays

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Let’s face it, the holidays are filled with stress! Whether it’s shopping, parties, cooking, writing Christmas cards, or decorating, there’s more than enough pressure to go around for people with “normal” lives, but for family caregivers, everyday life is anything but ordinary! Added to the caregiving challenges you face, the pressures and complications of the holidays probably make you wish you could just skip Christmas and move on into the next year of your life.

To make matters even worse, you might feel like a complete failure as you enter the end-of-year crush. Everywhere you turn, you see your best-laid plans lying in ruins all around you. Perhaps last year you promised yourself you’d get an early jumpstart on those Christmas cards next year, or you’d do your shopping early. Neither of those things happened. The closet you meant to clean out is still overflowing with unworn clothing. Those 10 (or 50) stubborn pounds are still hanging around. You planned to cook ahead and freeze holiday casseroles and desserts so they are ready to go, and you had the best of intentions when you RSVP’ed all those Christmas parties, but when the time comes you just don’t have the energy!

This year it’s time to take control of your schedule and your life! You’ve committed to being a family caregiver, and that commitment means more than baking a few cookies or decorating a tree. It may feel impossible, but you can destress your holidays by following a few simple rules, starting with this one:

Take time to breathe this holiday season!

The first rule for destressing the holidays is to take care of yourself. If you don’t do this, you can’t take care of anyone else, and without breathing, you cannot survive. Create some margin in your life that will help you focus, find your center, and renew your energy.

The next rule for destressing the holidays is to involve others in your daily plans and routines to help you balance your responsibilities and manage your schedule. When others offer to help, be ready with a list of ideas for how they can help out. They will appreciate your organizational skills and will enjoy feeling they are genuinely needed during this holiday season.

Click here or other tips and ideas for destressing your holidays so you can regain clarity on the real Reason for the Season: the birth of the Christ Child, our Savior. God’s gift of his Son was, hands down, the best gift of all, and none of us can ever top that. Embrace this truth, and let the stress just melt away as you relax into the joy of pure celebration. Joy to the World, the Lord has come. Let Earth receive her King!

Here’s a new favorite recipe for our family that will definitely make you slow down, if only while the dough rises! It’s a Giant Cinnamon Roll that will serve lots of people or last a super long time! Here’s the recipe.

Chris and I hope you’ll share your heart about other ways to manage your stress through the holidays and beyond.



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