New Ways to Travel

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Summer has traditionally been a time for family vacations. Families plan for many months in advance for this particular time to get away and visit exotic destinations, or go and visit with relatives who live far away. In recent years tourism has seen significant growth during our warmer months as multigenerational families flock to the mountains and the beaches for time away. Family caregivers often find themselves balancing the care of aging loved ones with the obligations of nurturing a marriage and children, or even grandkids and adult offspring. Your summer plans are sure to look very different this year.

The Coronavirus has largely rewritten life as we all have known it. Travel of any kind has been especially impacted. People who used to think nothing of getting on a plane or train to travel now opt to drive themselves or not even go. Zoom, Skype, and similar video communication applications have redefined how we get together today. It is common for people to gather virtually to avoid possible exposure to the virus. But how can you experience new cultures if your only option is through a camera lens?

Be assured that physical travel isn’t the only way you can see the world. Many vacation destinations have posted videos and even suggested activities you can do from home, even as you dream of going to exotic places in the future. Smithsonian Journeys will let you visit Egypt, ThrillistGlobeTreks, and others offer lots of options to see the world from your living room. Your only limitation is your imagination. The COVID-19 virus might try and stop you from packing a bag this summer, but if you are determined to pack that bag, here are things to consider from the Centers for Disease Control.

Whatever your circumstances, don’t let the current pandemic stop you from dreaming. Start planning your getaway for 2021 by exploring through television travelogues, websites, movies set in far-away places, or travel books and magazines. The more you allow yourself to explore options to expand your horizons, the better you will feel for having something to look forward to next summer!

Betsy and I hope you’ll join us this week here at Heart of the Caregiver and share your heart about future travels.


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