Giving Thanks for our Veterans

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Throughout the calendar year people observe many special days. There are personal days to celebrate births, weddings, work anniversaries, graduations, and the like. Religious holidays abound! As a country we celebrate many national observances, but one in particular is set to observe personal sacrifice in service to our country and its very foundation.

On Wednesday, November 11, 2020, we celebrate Veteran’s Day. The United States of America  is founded on the concept of individual freedoms and self-governance, but those freedoms came at a great price. Beginning with our founding fathers, people have made personal sacrifices to serve in defense of our constitutional rights. Many service men and women have given their all so that we might be able to live in a country where we are free to vote, to speak our minds, to worship as we choose, and to strive for the American Dream. These people were heroes because of the stand they took. We owe them a deep debt of gratitude.

Many of these heroes walk among us today; they work in our offices, shop in our grocery stores, and live in our neighborhoods. Some are still on active duty, while others have retired, fulfilled their term of service, or sustained some injury or disability during their service that necessitated a discharge. Each man or woman who has served our country has a story to tell. Some bear the visible scars of their sacrificial season of service, while others live with hidden demons that haunt their hours by day or by night. Whatever the story may be, I encourage you to explore the experiences of veterans you know as you have the chance to do so. You might gain new insights into a life spent in military service.

God calls people to serve Him in a variety of ways; Betsy and I are grateful that He called some to serve in our country’s armed forces, to protect freedom both at home and abroad. We both have family members who served in the Armed Forces and we share a deep love for our veterans. If you have the honor of caring for a loved one who is a veteran, please thank them for their service during this week. Do something tangible to remember our fallen and celebrate our survivors. Take time to reflect on the freedoms you can enjoy today because of heroes through the ages who have fought to defend those rights and privileges. 

Betsy and I hope you’ll join us this week here at Heart of the Caregiver and share your heart about sharing appreciation for our Veterans.


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