When Facility Care is Needed

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Few people look forward to giving up their home and moving into a care facility, but for some that decision may become necessary in order to receive the best care possible.

A significant number of people today receive care in their homes and wish to remain there until their death, and in those rare families where financial resources are truly unlimited, all levels of care are technically possible to be provided “at home”. This isn’t a reality for most families, however, and sometimes events can occur that will necessitate facility care. Sometimes that is temporary, and sometimes it is a permanent solution. Either way, it’s good to be prepared for this possibility and learn about your options before that time comes, if it does.

A major cause of the need for facility care is an injury. A fall that results in broken bones or an automobile accident, for example, can cause someone to need to move from a regular hospital to a skilled nursing facility for rehab. While it is also quite possible to do rehab at home by using a combination of home health and home care, facility care in these cases is most common, and is especially beneficial if the person receiving care needs regular and ongoing prompting to do the necessary exercises for recovery.

Another issue that can push someone toward facility care is the onset of a chronic illness that gradually removes the ability to stand and walk. This was the case for my sister and brother in law who elected to move to a facility and leave their home. My brother in law has Parkinson’s, and the loss of mobility and frequent falls he was experiencing at home led them to search out alternatives. This involved them selling their home, and was a difficult decision, but one that was right for them. 

The onset of Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia may absolutely necessitate facility care. Frequently as these diseases progress the stress and strain on the rest of the family is so great that it causes significant decline in those trying to care for their loved one at home. We have witnessed several cases of the otherwise healthy, non-afflicted spouse dying of stress related causes prior to their life partner, leaving them with no one. A facility based approach would have been far better in these situations. 

Whatever your situation, its good to look at the available options and to talk things over thoroughly with your family, friends, your pastor, and your financial advisor. Knowing your options and making plans ahead of time is always a good idea. 

Betsy and I hope you will join us this week at Heart of the Caregiver and share your heart about needing facility care.


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