Finding Calm in Christmas

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Christmas is a season of many emotions, but calmness isn’t usually one of them in our family’s world! Between work responsibilities, church activities, community celebrations, and other seasonal obligations, we barely have time to breathe! How about you? Is there a sameness in your daily routines during this hectic season, or does your family caregiver’s world also get a little crazy in the holidays? Trying to manage a reasonable observance of the season while also maintaining balance in the rest of your life can leave even the best of organizers feeling like they can’t do even one more thing!

But at its very heart, Christmas should hold an element of calm and quiet. Historically our celebration of Christmas is one of anticipation, much as that night so long ago when the world held its breath as it awaited the long-promised arrival of a Savior. Except for Mary and Joseph, the rest of that Jewish/Roman world was business-as-usual. Except for an angelic choir prepping for the big announcement, Heaven was pretty much the same as always. But on a spiritual level, the suspense was building, and the expectant couple was at the epicenter of a global event that would change not only their world but yours and mine as well.

As you care for an aging loved one over the coming weeks, try to find and anchor yourself in the calm of Christmas. Search out the quiet moments to reflect on the mystery of what was about to happen in the weeks leading up to Christ’s birth. Reflect on the Virgin, who was expecting a child any day now, riding a donkey to Bethlehem, wondering how she came to be in this predicament. Wonder at Joseph’s obedience in marrying her despite her unconventional condition. Marvel at the strange situation in which they found themselves. Try not to jump ahead to amazing visits from shepherds and angels but find His presence now in these moments you hold in your hand. Ponder on them as you breathe deeply through today. Perhaps even take yourself out of your routine and make some space to worship a God Who came down and became human to dwell among us and show us how to love and care for those He puts in our charge.

Betsy and I hope you’ll join us this week here at Heart of the Caregiver and share your heart about finding calm in Christmas.


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