Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Day traditions are so important! They anchor us to the values and traditions of our past, tie older generations to younger ones, and reinforce life lessons that set us up for successes in the future. Much more than simply watching parades or football games, these traditions help us remember from whence we came and where we might be going. And, perhaps most importantly, they keep us focused on who we are thankful to: our Savior Jesus Christ and our God and King.

For our family, we blended some old traditions and started some new ones that our children now carry on. From our past we brought roasted turkey and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Both were and continue to be an important part of our holiday traditions. In addition to a long list of annual menu favorites, we have added over the years a few delicious new favorites, including the “cranberry-horseradish stuff” we shared last week. This recipe is so popular that this year our oldest daughter’s mother-in-law sent a picture of her version to share with our family! New to our traditions is participation in an annual 5k walk/run that benefits our local homeless shelter, a cause our family has long supported. Now we can come to our table guilt-free because our exercise for the day is already done!

Ask your loved one what their favorite holiday traditions were for Thanksgiving. Where did they spend the holiday? Did their family travel, or was their home the gathering place? What dish did they most look forward to enjoying? See if you can discover the recipe and make the dish to savor between you. This exercise will value your loved one while letting you learn a little of their unique history and legacy. Take time this holiday season to ask questions and listen for stories and a lifetime of wisdom. Practicing presence during this season might yield great riches in family lore and traditions. See what you might learn during this season of Thanksgiving!

One of my family’s favorite holiday veggies is the lowly Brussels Sprouts. A few years back, we discovered a recipe for Brussels slaw that quickly became a favorite of hours. Here’s the link to the Southern Living site where you can find the recipe. It’s good the day you make it and for a day or two more. Enjoy, and we hope you will join our conversation here to share your holiday traditions, as well as those of your loved ones. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


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